Do you experience

• shallow breathing • tightness in your chest • shakiness • inability to fall or stay asleep • mental fogginess • chronic irritability • emotional outbursts • butterflies in your belly • obsessive fearful thinking • avoidance of previously enjoyable activity? Your nervous system has been active way to far.

What is "Overcome!" program?

Is a self healing modality - Yoga Therapy Program that will teach self-regulation techniques that are taught during the class. It requires some homework and practice. Classes are taught by a certified trained Yoga Teacher/Therapist or Educator supporting these principles in a trauma informed yoga including::

  • • Creating a calming, less stimulating atmosphere (lights might stay on)

  • Guaranteeing no hands-on assists (teacher may stay on their mat)

  • • Teaching yoga poses that are accessible to everyone

  • • Avoiding vulnerable poses or overly activating asanas and breathing techniques

  • • Encouraging self-awareness, self-inquiry, and curiosity about one’s experience and physical sensations

  • • Using a tone of compassion and openness instead of rigid instruction, judgment, or pressure

  • • Teaching mindfulness and meditation for resiliency

"Overcome!" Anxiety Program

Is this clinic for you?

This clinic is designed for those who suffer from anxiety; Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Disorder and PTSD. Led by Certified Yoga Therapist Silvia Voss, LMT, C-IAYT, participants will learn and practice self-healing modalities which are effective in reducing the effects of anxiety while also learning techniques to navigate difficult emotional experiences. Anxiety can have an overriding effect on our systems which can leave us feeling stuck, shut down and emotionally reactive. Learning skills to better cope with anxiety can provide a framework to lean into when symptoms become difficult to manage. You will learn breath work, meditation and gentle movement techniques that help to break the psychological, biochemical and physical cycles that keep anxiety in your life. We will learn what happens in your mind and body while experiencing anxiety, tools to “turn off” the fight or flight response, and how to “turn on” the relaxation response. Participants will learn and practice a variety of methods to “turn on” the relaxation response. By the end of the clinic, the participants will have a large toolbox of methods that are a blend of traditional Yoga practices, Ayurveda, Alternative Medicine, and modern medical science. We will also explore Reiki, nutrition, aromatherapy, acupressure, sound healing and movement. The more you know about anxiety and how to defeat it, the more empowered you become to drive your own self-healing journey. A take-home program with daily exercises and lifestyle suggestions will be handed out, and all participants will be emailed digital recordings of meditations that can be practiced in the comfort of your own home. The format of this clinic will be a hybrid of presentation of information from your manual and experiential practice of the material. Even though it is taught in a group setting, this is a personal experience; there are no group activities and you will never be asked to speak publicly. Presentations are given with visual aids (manual reference, handouts, etc.), and all work is private (you are not asked to turn in suggested journal responses for the self-study work). The utmost care and attention is given to accommodate those that are not comfortable in social situations. We are also open to allowing a spouse, friend, or family member to attend with you, if that support feels right for you. If you have any questions regarding the clinic, or wish to schedule a time to see the studio space/ meet the facilitator before registering for the clinic. Overcome clinic is also available in one on one setting.

"Overcome!" Anxiety Program outline - base structure

Meets Every other week (usually on a Saturday) total of 4 lessons | 2.5 hours each | Time: 10.30am-1.00pm.

  • Intro & overview of the day’s class objectives (15 mins)

  • Asana (yoga posture) practice (30 min)

  • Education w/experiential and booklet reference (45 min)

  • Break/ Review HW and tracking chart (10 min)

  • Pranayama (breath work) & meditation, philosophical inquiry or other tools (30 min)

  • Guided Deep Relaxation (“Yoga Nidra”) and Closing (20 min)

"Overcome!" Anxiety Program

Is a well-rounded Yoga Program with experiential and booklet reference education. Classes are taught by a certified trained Yoga Therapist supporting these principles:

  • Safety

    No physicals posture correction and vulnerable verbal cuing

  • Empowering

    Learn and practice to be in control of your emotions, thoughts and re-actions. Build your self confidence and feel save.

  • Self-Regulating

    Acquire different Yoga Tools that fits your personal choice and be in charge of your Re-Action.

Register NOW: Start June 30 - August 11, 2021

Participants is limited to max 7 attendance. It will be held live June 30th and via Zoom webinar live personal interactive. EVERY OTHER Wednesday , 10:30 AM - 1:00PM. GROUP RATE: $220 (MUST PRE-REGISTER) MINIMUM OF 4 STUDTENTS | Private one-on-one rate: $550 (includes manual, binder, and additional handouts).


Click on “ Register Now” or "Apply Now" On our home page scroll to bottom of page. Use the link for “application for overcome Anxiety program” filled out form and email it to us. Once registered into the program we will send you an invoice. When payment is received we will then send you the materials that we use in the program.

“ Yoga" helps us to tolerate the things in our life we cannot change, and change the things in our life we need not tolerate. — B.K.S. Iyengar

What is Yoga Therapy?

  • Yoga therapy is yoga to manage or heal a certain condition, such as back pain or anxiety. And yes, yoga has been shown to have healing benefits for conditions of both the body and the mind. Yoga therapy can occur in private sessions or in a group of people that have a common focus of healing a specific condition, such as in our Overcome Anxiety Clinic or Yoga for Pain Management. A Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) provides yoga therapy.



Silvia Voss

Silvia Voss had a car accident 22 years ago leading to back and neck injuries structural Yoga therapy for health care found her to assist her healing path. She became a professional Yoga Therapist. 4 years ago she was diagnosed with Mulitple sclerosis finding herself on a walker. Today she is running and dancing. Silvia’s passion and strength is in adapting yoga to your needs. She specializes in yoga practice for accident and injuries. She has intensive straining in Structural-, Integrative- and Trauma Informed Yoga as well as professional training in Fascia and Muscles. She is a licensed Massage and Bodyworker in the state of Wi and international recognized as a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IYT) by the International Association of Yoga Therapist USA.

A Personal Note:

I encourage you to find your yoga, not mine. Your journey is unique. Yoga brings the wisdom inside of you to the surface. I do not claim to have the medical expertise of an M.D., nor do I have the ability to help you process emotions like a psychotherapist. I take the scope of my practice seriously, and I am humble enough to know that I do not have all the answers. Rather, as a yoga therapist, I do have expertise on the connection between mind, body and spirit, and how yogic tools can help you heal on every level of your being...You have all the tools you need within--you are your own best teacher. There is an awe-inspiring depth and scope of wisdom within a yoga practice that cannot be fully explained by words--it must be experienced. You are inherently whole, and already healed. I’d love to meet you, and be your yoga guide.