Live in person - yoga classes at the Studio in Shawano WI

Tentatively end of June/July. Dates will be announced. 8.30am-9.30am will also broadcast for those who can not attend in person

Yoga class Theme "Chakra"

16 classes from April 6 to May 27th 2021

  • Chakra balance

    Each week learn tools on how to incorporate the Chakra for your health and wellbeing. Improving your mental health.

  • Chakra color

    Learn the colors of the Chakra, its qualities and how to strengthen your immune system

  • Nervous system

    Apply the tools of yoga and the three ways of balancing the Chakra into your daily Yoga practice balancing your central nervous system leading to a inner peace and harmony.

Pricing options for live in person or zoom classes

choose between one time payment Base price $72 (30Days) or daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment option. Bundle live in person, online classes, On-Demand and a 30 minute quarterly coaching session with Silvia with our Silver Bundle (monthly auto renewal). See home page

Yoga Classes

are taught weekly in person at the Yoga Center when available or via Broadcast. Yoga for Immune System is a Gentle Yoga Class focus on strengthening your stress response. Silvia invites you to learn Self-Regulation Yoga skills improving your posture, central nervous system including your breathe which natural deepen your spiritual practice naturally allowing you to balance the whole being natural without force. . Contact us to be on our mailing list, questions or for future schedule

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    Online Zoom & Live in person Yoga Classes

    • 8.30 am Tuesdays - SISY - Strengthen your Immune System Yoga- Spring Special Chakra Theme

    • 8.30 am Thursday - SISY - Strengthen your Immune System Yoga - Theme Chakra Balance