Note from Silvia

Some lesson need to be practiced daily ! and it is a life time commitment -  continues .

Start your Journey to Balance and Well Being

Publish complete by September 2020. Each week we add Lesson. Achieve Balance and calm your mind. Start here and deepen your Yoga Practice lesson by lesson or layer by layer. The five layers of being: Physical, Breath, Emotional, Wisdom and Higher Self

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    Thank you for your enrollment!

    • What you will learn

  • 2

    How to apply yoga practice to MS and management/pain care

  • 3

    How to Calm your mind - Meditations + Pranayama Breathe

    • Reduce Mental Chattering - Practice 5 - 10 minutes a day

    • Basic Alternate Nostril Breathing

    • Dr. Ananda step by step Pranava Pranayama

    • 3 Mindful Breaths

    • Starting the Day with Gratitude Meditation

  • 4

    How to change /improve nutrition

    • How to change and improve

  • 5

    How to balance Emotional body and Physical body start your Journey

    • Start here

    • Mantra

  • 6

    How to support your immune system

    • Supplement