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Why practice yoga with me On-line ?

It offers short to full yoga classes to tutorials to meditation practices all categorized for easy access..

  • What if you can't make it to Live Yoga Class or there are no classes available when you have finally time?

    This is an opportunity to practice with me, my weekly updated online classes.

  • Best for:

    Student who is interested in broadening their horizons from Beginner to Intermittent. Student who have had an injury or accident. Learn to balance all layers of being with the ancient teachings of Yoga.

Program Content

Practice at your own pace with ease and comfort.

  • 1

    Practice Guide

  • 2

    Meditations - Guided Audio

    • Relieve Stress and Anxiety Guided Meditation - Breath Awareness 12 min

    • Anxiety Relief with Silvia 11 min

    • Reliese Tension - Chakra - Circulatory system 8 min

    • Brain Neuron Relaxation - 11 min

    • Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra 11 min

    • silvia yoga nidra _20180325-132720

    • silvia yoga nidra _20180523-192348

    • silvia yoga nidra _20180325-131538

    • silvia yoga nidra _20180529-160721

    • silvia yoga nidra _20180529-160721 2

    • silvia yoga nidra _20180325-101045

    • silvia yoga nidra _20180311-115003

    • silvia yoga nidra _20180324-092515

    • silvia yoga nidra _20180324-130817

  • 3

    Practice Pranayama - Breathe

    • Mental Chant - 5 - 10 minutes a day

  • 4

    10-15 Minute Yoga Asana Practices

    • Neck & Upper Back

    • Gentle movement for your Lower Back & Hips

  • 5

    60 Minute Practices - Medicine - Lessons for the Immune System

  • 6

    60 Minute Practices - Rise and Shine Yoga Class

    • Good Morning

    • Yoga for Emotional Balance with Sun Salutation Krya

  • 7

    ADAPTIVE YOGA - class

    • Pre Recorded: Tension Relief with Adaptive Yoga 35 minutes full class

  • 9

    What's Next

    • Conscious Planet: The Way Forward | 10th July 2020

    • A Note from the Teacher


Thank you!

Deborah T.

Just completed this recording and enjoyed it very much. Thank you a million times!



Silvia Voss

Silvia Voss had a car accident 22 years ago leading to back and neck injuries structural Yoga therapy for health care found her to assist her healing path. She became a professional Yoga Therapist. 4 years ago she was diagnosed with Mulitple sclerosis finding herself on a walker. Today she is running and dancing. Silvia’s passion and strength is in adapting yoga to your needs. She specializes in yoga practice for accident and injuries. She has intensive straining in Structural-, Integrative- and Trauma Informed Yoga as well as professional training in Fascia and Muscles. She is a licensed Massage and Bodyworker in the state of Wi and international recognized as a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IYT) by the International Association of Yoga Therapist USA.

Improve self-awareness

Learn techniques and tools that relax the chattering mind, improve the concentration promoting calmness.

Tape into the mystery of group Yoga Therapy lessons and European Yoga teacher teaching over yoga lessons.


Silvia V. Yoga for Accident and Injuries

LMT = Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapy C-IAYT = Certified International Association of Yoga Therapy| E-RYT 500 = Experience Yoga Teacher| RYT 200 = Registered Yoga Teacher|| YACEP = Yoga Continuing Education Provider