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Learn the ins and out of Yoga. The basic understanding what every yogi must know: phrases, how to practice posture and tame your mind - finding your inner calmness. This course is about the basic understanding of practicing yoga in a "Safe Way" without injuring yourself.

  • 1

    Yoga Basic 101: Why practice Yoga?

    • Basic 101: Important Note - Outline of course

    • Why Practice Yoga ?

  • 2

    Basic 101: What is Yoga Philosophy?

    • Basic 101: Understanding of Yoga

    • 8 Limbs of Yoga

    • Pranajama - Breathe

  • 3

    Basic 101: How to practice Yoga

    • Practice Room - guidelines - props -

    • What are Yoga tools - Props

    • Seated in Lotus pose - poses - with nature - animal

    • Practice "How to Breathe"

    • Practice "Sun Salutation"

    • What is the "Sun Salutation"

    • Practice with me a modification of the sun salutation

    • 24 Basic Posture to Master

    • How to Regulate your breathe

    • Guided Meditation - experience it - Relaxation 27 minutes

    • "You are enough" Overcome Addiction - Meditation by Marisa Peer

  • 4

    Basic 101: Test your learning

    • Basic understanding of Yoga

    • Basic understanding of Philosophy

    • Journal writing: The Yamas and Nijamas

    • Why is yoga self-regulated

  • 5

    Yoga Basic 101: Injury and Accidents

    • About Yoga with Injuries "Breathe"

    • Adjusting your thought about yoga practice


  • Does this course include Anatomy and in depth Yoga Postures?

    This courses explains in simple ways in the lesson "how to practice" the basic 24 yoga postures and the Sun Salutation in a "Safe Way" with suggested modifications.

  • Do you offer a in depth Anatomy and Postural Alignment course

    We will offer in the future courses/webinars that are specific in "Structural / Anatomy Yoga" with an options for CE Certification after completion.

  • What's this course about?

    Learning to listen to your body, Mind and Breath. Finding peace within you and being able to practice Yoga without an injury regardless of body shape, size or age.