Basic 101: Meditation

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    Practice is constantly evolving - staying current takes constant learning and study of yourself.

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    Health requires constant care and attention. Heal yourself by getting on the path to a daily meditation practice.

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    Creating lasting transformation and living the highest expression of who you are.

Basic 101:


Feel content, Happy and focused in life. Inside this course I teach you step by step how to practice the art of Meditation and create a long lasting habit leaving you with contentment.

Start today!

Practice with me for 30 days and notice the difference



  • Calming the chitter chatting of the mind

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Promotes emotional Health

  • Lengthen attention span

  • Controls anxiety. Meditation can reduce stress levels, which translates to less anxiety. ...

  • Improves sleep

  • Be in Control

Deepen your practice!

Practice Meditation in the comfort of your own Home! Learn from famous Yoga Teachers what they have to say about Meditation

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Course Outline

This Meditation course is designed to deepen your Meditation practice over 30 days. Start with the basic understanding and then practice these lessons. New content will be released after 7 days. You may add each new practice lessons to your existing daily plan. After 14 days and completion of lessons additional new practice lessons are released for you to practice.

  • 1


    • Outline to Meditation Basic 101

  • 2

    Module 1 Basic 101: What is Meditation

    • 'How to Meditate' for Beginners | Sadhguru

    • Meditation's Impact on the Brain | Documentary Clip

    • Starting the Day with Gratitude Meditation

    • True way to Meditate | Everyone Forgot this | Sadhguru Never give tips | SADHGURU

    • First Things First - a note from your instructor

    • 10 Easy Ways to Practice Mindfullenss for Beginner

    • How to Meditate for Beginner - Utube

    • Breathe

    • A journey through your nervous system

    • How often should you practice mindfulness?

    • What's the simplest way to start meditating?

    • Purpose of Mindfulness

    • How to start Meditate

    • How long should you meditate to get real results?

    • Reduce Mental Chattering - Practice 2 - 5 minutes a day

  • 3

    Module 2 Basic 101

    • Science: How does meditation change the brain and body?

    • How can I start and what is mindfulness practice ?

    • Misconception of Meditation

    • Science: Three Domains of Human consciousness

    • Science: Vegas Nerve

    • Science: Understanding our Brain and the Nervous system

    • Headspace: Letting go of Efforts

    • How to meditate effectively?

    • How to practice mindfulness throughout the day?

    • 5 Tips to boosting your Vegas Nerve by Andrew Bryne

    • Let go of tention

  • 4

    Module 3: How to practice Meditation

    • Understanding - Meditation by Isha

    • Understanding - Why can't I Meditate? By Sadguru

    • Understand: Control of the Mind by Swami Niranjanandanda

    • Headspace: Mediation tips - Elephant slow and steady

    • Mantra - Jaya Ganapati Ohm

    • Beginner's 'Antar Mouna" by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati 30 min

  • 5

    What next

    • Meditation and Going Beyond Mindfulness - A Secular Perspective

    • The Power of Gratitude For Sleep 9 minutes

    • What next - Meditation I. and yoga philosophy



Silvia Voss

Silvia Voss had a car accident 22 years ago leading to back and neck injuries structural Yoga therapy for health care found her to assist her healing path. She became a professional Yoga Therapist. 4 years ago she was diagnosed with Mulitple sclerosis finding herself on a walker. Today she is running and dancing. Silvia’s passion and strength is in adapting yoga to your needs. She specializes in yoga practice for accident and injuries. She has intensive straining in Structural-, Integrative- and Trauma Informed Yoga as well as professional training in Fascia and Muscles. She is a licensed Massage and Bodyworker in the state of Wi and international recognized as a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IYT) by the International Association of Yoga Therapist USA.