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Join me live in person at the Studio, 138 S Main, Shawano. Live April, 12, 19,21 26,28 8.15 am-9.15am

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"Enjoy private sessions with our Certified Yoga Therapist. We create a self paced Yoga practice with your special designed structured Yoga Therapy program. Meet regularly virtual and/or live"
International association of Yoga Therapist

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Emotional? Chronic Pain? Anxiety? Inflexible? Air Head? High Blood Pressure? Tide Muscles? We have the solution for you !

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If you can breathe you can practice Yoga. Yoga for Accident and Injuries - Adaptive Yoga meeting your needs within the "online studio"

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Koshas: Transcending 5 Sheath to Know The Self - Fitsri

  • Anamaya Kosha

    Physical Body

  • Pranayama Kosha

    Breath - Energy

  • Monomaya Kosha

    Emotional Body

  • Vignanamaya Kosha

    Intellectual Body

  • Anandamaya Kosha

    Bliss Body - pure consciousness

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Single or bundle your courses for greater personal understanding. Take it to the next level - professional - Continue Education Credits -CE available for members of Yoga Alliance. Certificate of completion available where indicated. Access 24 hour, 7 days a week deepen your knowledge whenever you want where you want. .